कपिश ज्वेल्स अक्षय तृतीया "महा बचत ऑफर" पाएं सोने व हीरे के आभूषणो पर भारी छूट, 1 लाख की गोल्ड ज्वेलरी पर 10000 एवं डायमंड्स ज्वेलरी पर 20000 तक की कैश छूट, और पाएं मुफ्त गोल्ड कॉइन,ये ऑफर बुकिंग और खरीदारी दोनों पर मान्य है |

Franchise Opportunity

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Power your business with Kapish Jewels franchise

Budding entrepreneurs can transform their business fortunes by associating with Kapish Jewels. There are ample numbers of reasons to launch franchise because nobody would like to invest just by gut feeling. Some of the factors making Kapish Jewels indispensable are as follows:

Total Cost :

Initial investment in opening franchise business depends on the location of the store. The area of the shop floor too impacts the overall price as it spreads right across from 300 to 2000 sq ft. With a prime address, you can easily climb the top echelons of business due to sheer perseverance and dedication. What more, Kapish Jewels already takes care of the brand value and the supply chain for the franchise to successfully execute its plan? The company has already eliminated impediments in successful marketing of the products.

What are the attributes of a franchise?

In order to run a successful franchise setup, a positive attitude and relentless dedication is required. We identify above mentioned characteristics among the individuals who will be the torch bearers of Kapish Jewels. They radiate enthusiasm and the persistent jest to excel in the business; therefore the executives working with them also try to outdo each other to deliver impeccable customer service.
We do not award franchise to just any entrepreneur but only to those that are capable of making the brand a household name among their community. It is only possible with hard work and continuous focus on meeting the requirements of the customers. Kapish Jewels delivers what people are looking for because they can find the desired items. As the saying goes that dedication pays rich dividends and so the business can reap maximum benefits by associated with Kapish Jewels.

Advantages of franchise:

Investment in the business brings plethora of benefits to the enterprise.
There are numerous jewelries with unique and traditional designs that have become the cynosure of all eyes. Compassion and patiently resolving all their queries will help to boost the sales of the franchise. Your efforts would send a positive massage to the community and also help to strike a rapport with the family. Jewellery purchase event is not less than a festival as the whole family participates in the process. It is the time for the business to understand the varying preferences of the clients and provide suitable products to develop lifelong relationships.

Return on Investment

What is the return on the business is the common question by the investors. Joining Kapish Jewels not only increases the popularity of the franchisee but also boosts the revenue of the company. You can analyze the disclosure document required to be signed for the franchisee contract. The company creates detailed information about the number of units it can sell and the people it is going to deploy to manage the business.
If you want assistance for business development, our team is always available with valuable suggestions and advice.

Identify the location:

We help in identifying the location to open the store. Kapish Jewels deploy sophisticated tools providing information about the addresses where the probability of the visiting customers is quite high. Our executives strike rapport with the prospects to meet their requirements. So, what are you waiting for, contact us today and enroll as a franchise in your area.

Invest in Kapish Jewels and reap rich rewards

Partner with us in the franchise business and become the integral messengers of the Kapish Jewels brand in the jewellery world. We have a solid track record of building brand value even in those locations where the jewelry penetration is extremely low.


We're here with you every step of the way

Opening a franchisee with Kapish jewels is fairly easy for the entrepreneurs. To start with, identify the objectives of the association. They can be increased market share, profit and engagement with the customers.
The next step is to fill the form on the website and press the submit button. Kapish group team sends a link of the confidential questionnaire that is to be answered. You should send the document to the company management for further discussion. Our executives would contact you and find how your business can be aligned with the franchise model of the Kapish jewels. We would also verify your financial health to sustain the business. The company will completely operate the franchise and formulate customized marketing strategies to make the brand name popular in your area.

This Way to Opening a Kapish Jewels

Prior to Qualification

Users should fill the application to qualify the terms and conditions for becoming a successful business owner.

Disclosure Document

The document is called the Franchise disclosure documents consisting of average sales, rental and staff expenditure. We provide complete clarity in evaluating the profit based on the total expenditure of the store.

Personal attention

Franchise owner is assured of one to one meeting with the manager on issues related to investment and business operations. In short, we play an instrumental role in making the franchisee model highly successful.

Feedback information

You can also collect feedback from other franchise owners as their experience is highly crucial.

Team consultation:

Franchise owner can also visit Bareilly to consult the Kapish group team for business advice.


If you meet the criteria as mentioned by the company, the franchise is immediately granted.

Kapish Jewels – What makes us different

Kapish Group is a popular jewellery brand and offers franchise opportunity to all the people who are interesting in starting their own jewelery store. Our passion towards our work is what drives us to help people and achieve expertise in their work. From the very first day you can look forward to a well-managed store that seeks the attention of the customers. This gives you the confidence to move ahead and work towards the betterment of the store and ways to market it as well.
To run your store smoothly you need a lot of effort and dedication, but we do not leave you alone. We not only help you by making you familiar with the new technology but train the staff to ensure smooth working of your store. Complete support is what helps you to overcome any kind of problem and look forward to a better experience. In this way you can easily run your store effortlessly.
Our range of products is not only unique but fascinating enough to catch the eye of the people. The well-known signature collection is quite a fabulous one with designer necklaces, bangles and earrings for special occasions.
We focus on the growth and expansion of the brand as well as your franchise. To attain the purpose we select the best location of the city which drives more customers towards the store. The design and the layout of the store is done by the professional keeping in mind the various factors. Continuous assistance is provided at every step for the expansion of the store or the franchise.
We focus on the growth and expansion of the brand as well as your franchise. To attain the purpose we select the best location of the city which drives more customers towards the store. The design and the layout of the store is done by the professional keeping in mind the various factors. Continuous assistance is provided at every step for the expansion of the store or the franchise.

  • • We will help you to build as well as expand your network for better opportunities
  • • Complete support for training and operations
  • • Marketing support
  • • Offering regular consultation on operations or marketing the store
  • • Proper training is provided to the staff to understand the customers and attract them towards the store
  • • Special initiatives are taken towards building your brand and creating awareness about the same
  • • Turn-key store design
  • • Franchise support to all the people
  • • Building customer satisfaction and gaining the trust of the customers
  • • Brand loyalty is what we try to achieve as it is most important for any store

Multi-unit franchise opportunities at Kapish Jewels

Multi-unit franchise is somewhat similar to operating the single franchise but with a little difference that it has a large structure. Mostly people feel that managing such units may be tricky but this is not the case. It is quite easy and one is able to enjoy complete ownership of the store. The management is also quite simple as you can run the different franchise from one location as well. Even the cost of marketing gets reduced to a large extent which in turn is a benefit for the store owner.
Special kind of training is provided to the different staff of the franchise along with helping the managers to efficiently coordinate among the various stores. Once you have managed your first store you can always expand to more units as per your feasibility. You can have a strategy in your mind and accordingly start to execute it in the right direction.

Want to Start your own Kapish Jewels Franchise – here what you should know

If you have decided to own your franchise, you have surely made a smart decision. But starting a business is tough as you need to have complete understanding of the business. Apart from this you need to have your basics clear and do proper research before you plan to start your own franchise. You require a good team who can help you in this along with some great decisions that can make a difference. Kapish Jewels ensure that your investments are in safe hands because we have extremely skilled staff to boost the sales within a very short period of time.
Once the decision is done, your next step is important and that is when we can help to boost your investments. But before you get started, there are a few things that you should be familiar with.

Get complete assistance from our end

We understand that starting a new franchise is not at all easy and that is why our team will offer all the assistance you are looking for. From providing a dedicated team of people to help you, who will always be with you from day one to making you well versed with the standards to be followed. If you have any questions in your mind you are always free to ask us and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible. We will make sure that you have a seamless experience of starting your own franchise and that is why we are with you at every step.
As you are getting associated with a brand name like Kapish you need not worry about it as people know about us and getting customers will not at all be tough.

Our strength makes the franchise model successful:

Kapish Jewels plays an important role in the establishment of franchise business. We identify the location for the store based upon its proximity to the customers. Our management team hires experienced executives to run the store. They are equipped with necessary skill sets to transform the fortunes of the store. We ensure that each member associated with the franchise works tirelessly to enhance the business sales. Our responsibility doesn’t end with the transaction but the team also provide after sales service to the clients. In fact, they get customized products right at a store in the neighborhood. So why wait for a long time when you can get started with a Kapish Jewels franchise soon and transform your dreams into reality.


What is the minimum investment amount to get started with Kapish Jewels franchise?

The Kapish Jewels franchise begins with the minimum cost of INR 5 Crores, however actual Investment varies as per city, location where you wish to open the store, its area and other factors.

Are there any financial requirements to be fulfilled?

There are not many financial requirements to be fulfilled apart from the business model which you opt for. The least cost of the business model is INR 5 crores (final cost however depends on your city, location and other factors) and so you need to put in that much amount to get started.

Why should I choose Kapish jewels?

Kapish jewels is well-known for its personalised jewellery which seeks the attention of the people. Since many years we have been the household name in the jewellery industry and people trust us without any doubt. We make sure our customers are happy. We have a wide range of designs and a huge collection to match the taste of different customers. Our team working at the franchise store provides impeccable products according to the requirements and specifications of the users.

Is there any experience needed to start a franchise?

No there is no experience required but you need to have a positive attitude towards work and convincing power to keep the customers engaged.
For more details you can visit our official website and our team will get in touch with you regarding the further information.
Before you start any franchise, you will be provided with complete training at our corporate office which is Bareilly or at your own location. You have to invest in the business and we will take care of the entire range of operations. It includes training to hone the skill sets of the executives in order to accomplish the tasks. Right from the establishment of franchise setup to the deployment of resources is carried out by the experienced executives of Kapish group. Our team ensures seamless supply chain systems and also takes care of the retail marketing of jewellery products. We will help you in taking your franchise to the next level, getting the trust of the people and building the credibility.

Is the location to be selected by me?

No, the location will be selected by the Kapish group depending on its marketability and viability as a franchise. We have a huge data repository to determine the exact location in the city. If you have your own property then our research team will analyze it and share the business viability/ feasibility report with you.

What are the chances of profit with Kapish Jewels franchise?

Kapish jewellery brands are well known and with able guidance of our marketing whiz kids, booking profit is just a matter of time. You can talk to our existing franchise owners to understand how things work or know about their experiences. They will be able to clear your doubts and at the same time let you know more about the group. Thus you will have a better understanding of the business that we have been successfully running for over 2 decades.

How much time it takes to start your store?

The first thing is to find the location and once all legal formalities are done it will take around 3-4 months to complete all the formalities and get started.

What kind of training and support you provide?

Right from the very first day you connect with us. We are omnipresent in the business. From finding the location to verifying it, appointment and training of the staff will be managed by us. Our assistance is 24 x 7 to ensure that franchise delivers exemplary performance right from the first day.


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