कपिश ज्वैल्स अक्षय तृतीया "महा बचत ऑफर" पाएं सोने व हीरे के आभूषणों पर भारी छूट,1 लाख की गोल्ड ज्वेलरी पर 10000 एवं डायमंड्स ज्वेलरी पर 20000 तक की कॅश छूट, और पाएं मुफ्त सोने के सिक्के, ये ऑफर बुकिंग और खरीदारी दोनों पर मान्य है|

Our Mission

celebrate love, hope and passion.

We are here to celebrate love and spread happiness for every special moment.


Our Mission

Our mission is to become “the most trusted Organized Retail Jewellery Brand in India” by maintaining 100% transparency, using latest technology and best quality products that customers recommend to their family & friends. A brand that business partners love to get associated with & employees are proud of.


Find a Fabulous World

Our extraordinary diamonds are chosen to celebrate love, hope and passion.

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