Jewellery Buying Guide

While buying jewellery, you need to be very careful because there are so many options available in the market. Selection of diamond, precious metals, rings, pendants, and necklaces require certain tips because new buyers may get confused due to so many claims made by the seller and may purchase wrong products. Let us analyze different types and find out the best method of selection.



The quality of the diamond is assessed with the type of the cut that is imbibed into the then product. Novice cannot perform the job and only experts can accomplish the task. If the cuts are made at different angles, the jewellery would shine. Hence one of the best parameters of quality is a lustrous shining product with the cut. Perfect symmetry and polish can only be obtained when the cut is of the highest grade.


Clarity of the diamond is reflective of the cost and quality. Generally, all diamond have impurities and some inclusions. The one with the less number of substances in its structure is bound to win the hearts and minds of the people. One of best techniques to judge the quality is to check the reflective property of the diamond. The clarity grades of metals are expressed as very small incision one and very small inclusion 2


Yellow gold is warm as well as luxurious capturing the attention of the people. It can seamlessly blend not only with diamond but also platinum and gemstones. Generally, 14 karat gold is preferred by the people however 18 karat is purer and heavier. It is combined with an extremely rich tone.

Some people do not develop a liking towards the yellow metal, therefore for them, white gold is available in the market. It is plated with a white substance called rhodium imparting silver color to the mix. White gold has amazing advantages as it is slightly cheaper than platinum and also imparts similar finesse of the highest degree. Another advantage is that it is durable and scratch resistant as compared to silver.

Rose Gold is signified by the warm tones that are not exuded by other metals. Adorned with the gemstones, it can accentuate the appearance of the skin. 14 karat gold is more pinkish as it has large deposition of the copper impurities while the 18 karat gold is purer.


Like gold, gemstones are also very popular since ancient time. They are divided into categories based on hue, saturation, and tone. Gemstones with various combination of colors are more preferred because they are not expensive as the purer ones. An individual with a strong personality should opt for dark rich hues as they complement each other. If you are buying a pure gemstone, take special care of the product to extend its longevity.

Clarity in gemstone work slightly different from diamond. Stones no matter how precious they are contain impurities of varying degrees. Sometimes, the imperfections make them absolutely attractive to the customers. Due to various inclusions, the gemstones become absolutely beautiful and lustrous. Therefore, instead of purity, you should focus on the colors and the hues of the gemstone.

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