Jewellery Care

Buying Jewellery is an expensive proposition; therefore the product purchased should be taken care off to ensure that it lasts for a very long time. For different products, the approach should be different. Some of the tips are as follows

  • Cleaning jewellery on a regular basis is important to remove the dust particles. Mild water along with soap is more than enough for washing however to remove the rogue dirt, necklaces and rings should be kept in water for 15 to 20 minutes before removing the stains.
  • Hard metals such as diamond and stone need to be kept in a box away from the metals such as gold and silver. The former are hard and can cause scratches to the softer goods.
  • Heavy jewellery should not be worn while doing work under the sun because sweat can cause residual deposition on the yellow and white metal resulting in the loss of sheen.
  • Gemstone jewellery belongs to the hard category of metals and should be kept in a different location.
  • In order to clean the stone always use lukewarm water and soap with mild chemicals.
  • Diamond rings should not be worn whole doing heavy work because slight pressure can break the metal.
  • The jewellery needs to be examined on regularly for any loose setting.
  • Swimming in chlorinated water should be avoided because the abrasive chemical can damage the metal.
  • Softer jewellery like pearl has to be taken care off or else it may break down over a period of time.
  • Makeup brush along with water is the best bet to clean pearl.
  • While wearing pearl, do not use perfume or head cleaners.
  • Restrung pearl jewellery is durable and cannot break even after persistent usage.
  • Diamond rings and necklaces lose their luster over a period of time, therefore polishing is required. In order to accomplish the task, a mixture of baking soda and water is used to clean the jewellery. The chemical composition is nonabrasive and doesn’t in any way affect the shining jewellery.
  • Ammonia and warm water are mixed together to form the solution. The ring is placed inside for 10 minutes and taken out to be washed with detergent. After the treatment, the jewellery becomes as good as new.
  • Pouches or plastic zip lock bag are ideal for storing jewellery and preventing them from being tarnished after over a period of time.
  • Multi storage hard cases with soft interiors offer perfect storage solution to the customers. Necklaces can be placed in a separate section while the rings and solitaries are stocked in another part of the pouch.

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