Metal Guide


In order to buy yellow metal, make sure that it displays specifications as 14 carat and 18 carat purity. It can be worn with other metals such as platinum and silver. Once purchased, it cannot be tarnished.You can treat gold as investment vehicle because it can provide good money after resale.


White gold appears to be like platinum or silver due to the white color. In fact, the gold is plated with elements such as rhodium, thereby imparting hardness to the metal. Similar to gold, the whiter version also boasts of 14 and 18 karat gold. The latter is purer and heavier due to the removal of the impurities


The silver metals should be durable and white color. Brightness indicates the purity per ounce. Prior to buying jewellery, check the theme and the design. If not available, you can always ask the experts to customize the product along similar lines.


Platinum is combined with alloys to induce hardness. Purity percentage of 95% indicates that the metal is purer compared to the one with 80% specifications. The inside of the platinum should have .”PLAT” hallmark inside of the platinum ring. It indicates that the metal is pure. Cobalt and Ruthenium alloys are used with Platinum jewellery to provide strength.

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