Jewellery Check Technology

टेक्नोलॉजी को बनाएं भरोसे का आधार
ज्वेलरी को जांचने का है आपको अधिकार

1. What is BWA (Jewellery Check technology)?

BWA is a technology based jewellery check system. You can avail benefits of this technology by visiting any Kapish jewels store and can examine your jewellery through this technology on your complete discretion.
BWA provides detailed information of your jewellery in the form of Hallmark (original), Rate, Weight, Stone, Cut, Colour, Clarity, Etc.

टेक्नोलॉजी को बनाएं भरोसे का आधार,
ज्वेलरी को जांचने का है आपको अधिकार

2. Why BWA (Jewellery Check technology) is require?

While buying jewellery you don’t have liberation or entitlement to check yourself what classification and sort of jewellery you are buying and also the quality and type of Hallmark (original), Rate, Weight, Stone, Cut, Colour, Clarity, Etc used in your jewellery.
Hence, Kapish jewels made an effort to deliver the promise made into the services because for Kapish jewels quality in a service or product is not what they put into it; but it is what customer get out of it is.
Customers love certainty so we make sure to give it to them as nothing consoles and comforts like certainty does.
Sometimes the best discoveries are the result of simple observations; Hence Kapish jewels launched an initiative to check the jewellery via technology. This BWA technology allows customers to scrutinize the details of the jewellery buying within a minute without any human interference

ज्वेलरी को अब मिला BWA तकनीक का सहारा,
आपका भरोसा कर्त्तव्य हमारा ।

3. Why Kapish Jewels take this Challenge?

for than 20 years we decades and also comes among one of the well known group serving people with the finest and authentic range of products. Customer’s satisfaction and gratification has always been our prime concern in consequence of which we left no stone unturned to attain and meet the customers’ expectations.
Kapish Jewels has taken an initiative to satisfy its customers by providing 100% transparency and authenticity of the jewellery. It has launched BWA-Jewellery Check Technology by putting himself in the shoes of the customers which implies that treat your customers the way that you would like to be treated as everything comes back to the golden rule. Achieving purity and transparency in the products is one of the most required thing in jewellery industry.

BWA - Jewellery Check Technology -
जो देती है आपको गहनें में लगे डायमंड / गोल्ड /स्टोन का रेट , वेट , क्वालिटी , हॉलमार्क , मेकिंग ,सर्टिफिकेशन जानने का तरीका ।।

4. Our Services

1. BWA-Jewellery Check Technology - You can buy any product from us with full trust and transparency, as we don’t make false commitments and also provide 100% transparency to scrutinize the product details within a minute
2. Product Detail Pricing - No hidden and extra charges are charged from the customer as unique facility is provided to the customer to scan the product code by scanner and get the product cost within a fraction of a second and rest all details are mentioned in the billing invoice. No hidden charges, all transactions are crystal clear transparent having quality product with minimal making charges as compared to the other branded products in the Market.
3. 100 % Hallmarked Jewellery - 100% Pure and Hallmarked Jewellery certification IGI & BIS with guaranteed quality product manufacturing. Products are manufactured on International level quality expectation and there is no compromise with the purity & quality as each customer strives for the utmost satisfaction which comes out of faith, accuracy and transparency
4. 100 % Certified Diamond Jewellery - Gives you 100% Certified product guarantee Certificate.

Benefits of BWA:

a) You have an entitlement to scrutinize each detail of jewellery which contain details like weight, rate, stone, quality, colour, clarity etc.
b) You can also track the correct value of your product without any hesitation and interference.
c) BWA provides you detailed description of your jewellery including the complete price break-up details in it.
d) 100% transparency platform

BWA - पारदर्शिता ज्वेलरी के रेट ,वेट और शुद्धता की ।

5. आखिर BWA ही क्यों ?

1. BWA जानकारी देता है आपको -

- ज्वेलरी की शुद्धता
- गोल्ड कैरट की
- गोल्ड रेट और वेट की
- ज्वेलरी में लगे डायमंड और मेटल की शुद्धतम जानकारी
- डायमंड ज्वेलरी की शेप, वेट ,कट, कैरट, कलर, क्लैरिटी, सर्टिफिकेट, रेट, ज्वेलरी डिज़ाइन
- हॉलमार्क असली और नकली की जानकारी
- ज्वेलरी की A to Z जानकारी

2. जागरूक बनिए सही चुनिए

3. BWA लाया है सिर्फ १ मिनट में ज्वेलरी की बारीक़ से बारीक़ जानकारी

4. BWA - आपके विश्वास का आधार

5. BWA - एक पहल कस्टमर जागरूकता की

6. कठिन है सही ज्वेलरी को पहचानना, इसका एक निदान करिये खरीदारी BWA से यही जागरूकता की है पहचान

6. क्या Customer खुद ज्वेलरी चेक कर सकता है


आइये जानते हैं ज्वेलरी के बारे में -

सही सही जानकारी
गोल्ड डायमंड्स स्टोन
हॉल-मार्क डायमंड शेप जड़ाऊ जेवर में स्टोन और गोल्ड की सही सही बजन की जानकारी
बजन वेट स्टोन वेट
मेकिंग कट रेट
रेट कैरट क्वालिटी
ज्वेलरी डिज़ाइन कलर
गोल्ड की शुद्धता क्लैरिटी
ज्वेलरी डिज़ाइन

7. BWA का है कहना ज्वेलरी अब चेक करके ही लेना

1. अब शुरू करें ज्वेलरी परखने की एक पहल

2. BWA अपनाओ बेहतर ज्वेलरी पाओ

3. एक पहल शुरू करें टेक्नोलॉजी की मदद से , १ मिनट से भी कम समय में ज्वेलरी की बारीक़ से बारीक़ जानकारी

4. ज्वेलरी चेक नहीं तो खरीदारी नहीं , जागरूक रहे सही ज्वेलरी चुनें , BWA का प्रयोग जरूर करें । ये देता है आपको टेक्निकल नॉलेज ज्वेलरी को परखने की ट्रांस्परेन्सी ।

5. Kapish Jewels की एक पहल BWA जागरूक बनें , जांचें परखें फिर खरीदें

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